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Here’s how the world picks sides in the Venezuela crisis

Worryingly, these are not just two random collections of countries, but two blocs with a lot of pre-existing enmity.

Worryingly, these are not just two random collections of countries, but two blocs with a lot of pre-existing enmity.

  • The U.S. has urged the world to ‚pick sides‘ in Venezuela’s constitutional crisis.
  • This map shows which countries continue to support Maduro, and which ones have thrown their weight behind Guaidó.
  • Could this be the first intimation of a new Cold War – or worse?
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Since last Wednesday, Venezuela has two presidents. The world map above shows which countries (in red) support Nicolas Maduro, whose re-election last May many observers say was rigged; and which ones (in dark blue) support Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who declared himself ‚interim president‘ last week.

There’s something more going on with that map, however – something ominous about the two camps that have coalesced on it. These are not just two random groups of countries. These are two camps, with plenty of grievance and enmity between them. Some of the borders between both blocs are even active frontlines. Could this be the outline of a new Cold War, or if cooler heads don’t prevail, a hot one perhaps?

With neighbors like these…

Image: Wikipedia

Most of Venezuela’s neighbors have recognized the presidency of Guaidó, but Maduro can count on the continued support of Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia, and a few others.

All that for Venezuela’s sake? If that sounds ludicrous, think back to 1914. Few people back then could find Serbia on a world map, let alone understand what its beef with Austria-Hungary was about. How quickly that escalated into the First World War.

Although the cause might have been obscure, the war itself was not a surprise. Decades-old rivalry between the great powers of that time had escalated into deepening enmity. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand on June 26 of that year set in motion a complex array of alliances and counter-alliances. Just over a month later, on August 4, German armies plowed into Belgium.

Of course, history never repeats itself exactly. But there are patterns. Like the Balkan conflict in 1914, Venezuela’s constitutional crisis is a local power struggle with a global dimension. So what do both sides look like?

Europe is on the fence, for now

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The Pro-Maduro Club

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How CitizenGoers are helping Venezuela

Caroline Craddock | CitizenGO

the past few weeks have been very intense. The CitizenGO team has been working nonstop to campaign on behalf of the Venezuelan people. I’m excited to tell you that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

On Thursday, September 27th, the UN Human Rights Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution to protect the Human Rights of Venezuelans. This has never happened before!

Image: CitizenGO’s Global Campaigner, Javier Villamor, at the UN in Geneva

What does this mean?

It means that the Human Rights Council recognized the flagrant violations of basic human rights and will urge Maduro’s regime to „accept humanitarian assistance in order to address the scarcity of food, medicine and medical supplies.“

This is exactly what we asked for! With your help, we are making a difference.

You can see more pictures from our day at the UN by clicking here:

Rubén Navarro, a representative of CitizenGO, spoke to the Human Rights Council in Geneva about our campaign. You can see his presentation (in Spanish) here:

On September 27th, we delivered more than 123,000 signatures from active citizens like you to the offices of Mark Lowcock, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and Tedros Adhanom, the General Director of the World Health Organization (WHO).

We also talked with 16 member state representatives, and we met formally with nine of them. The international community is worried about the situation in Venezuela.

But this was not all we did for Venezuela.

On August 20th, CitizenGO convened a press conference featuring four witnesses of the human rights violations in Venezuela. The speakers were Patricia Carrera (the president of LEAN Foundation and human rights activist), Carleth Morales (a journalist), Carlos Moreno (the brother of a murdered Green Helmet), and Araminta González, who was tortured for two years.

You can see a video summary of the conference here:

And here is the photo album from the event:

The conference had a big impact. We reached dozens of national and international media outlets and Venezuela made the news again, after months of silence from the media.

We are also excited to have helped hundreds of Venezuelans with a financial contribution thanks to your donations. We provided 4,790 kilos of medicine, almost five tons! It is very inspiring to see the video from the grateful children and families.

Image: Venezuelans with the medicine they received.

Image: LEAN Foundation receiving the donation from CitizenGO CEO Ignacio Arsuaga

Thanks to you, Venezuelans can continue to fight for their survival!

I will leave you with a short video summary about our donations:

Thank you, once again, for joining with us in helping the Venezuelan people!

Best regards,

Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

Rubikon — Der Fall Venezuela

Der Fall Venezuela

Das Schweizer Taschenmesser der US-Außenpolitik.