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We’re facing an extinction emergency and we need YOUR help 

You don’t want to witness a dolphin extinction and neither do we. But I’m sad to say that this is what will happen if we can’t persuade New Zealand’s Prime Minister to take urgent action to save Māui and Hector’s dolphins. Please sign our new petition now.

Māuis are on the brink of extinction. Their cousins, the Hector’s dolphins could be heading towards a similar fate if nothing changes. 

There used to be around 50,000 Hector’s but now, because of destructive fishing methods, not many more than 10,000 remain. For the critically endangered Māui, it’s even worse. In the 1970s there were around 2,000, now there are fewer than 60.

Right now, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her government are reviewing a conservation plan for these native dolphins. But the options are weak and would allow at least 50 dolphins to die every year in fishing nets. This is unacceptable!

So we’ve launched a new campaign, on a New Zealand petition site, calling on Prime Minister Ardern to immediately phase-out trawl fishing and set nets from the coastal areas where these precious dolphins live – it’s the only way to save them.

Help us show the world is watching – please sign now before it’s too late.

Thank you  it genuinely means a lot to know we have your support.

With very best wishes on behalf of everyone here at Whale and Dolphin Conservation,

Julia Pix


Orcas spyhopping

Last chance to vote!

Thanks if you’ve already voted for us in the Animal Friends Pet Insurance £100K giveaway! If you haven’t voted yet, please take 30 seconds to do so below. Securing £100,000 will make such a difference to our work. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 24 November.


A humpback showing pectoral fin

Flippin‘ Awesome

Humpbacks off Alaska have been filmed using their flippers to feed. We’ve never seen this before and it seems this lot may be the only whales who do it. If it works for them, they will pass the technique on to others and teach future generations. Amazing!


Orcas in the whale jail

End of whale jail

The infamous ‚whale jail‘ in Russia is now empty. Following outcry from us and others all over the world, the orcas and belugas have been released. We hope they are OK and that this never happens again. It was beyond awful – no whale should suffer like this.


Risso's dolphins leaping

Wonderful dolphin week 

Joelle Davies volunteered to join us to study dolphins in Wales. Here she shares her fascinating story with you. Our research helps us understand these dolphins and what needs to be done to keep them safe. Could you volunteer with us?


Disentanglement training

Working together

Nobody wants to catch a whale or dolphin in their fishing gear. It can be distressing for a fisher if it happens to them. We were proud to be involved with Europe’s first workshop to help fishers avoid entanglements and free trapped whales or dolphins if the worst happens.




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Let us help you get ready for Christmas. We’ve got gift ideas for the whole family. — wdc


Christmas is coming!!

Presents to buy, gifts to wrap, cards to write….

Let us help you, we’ve got lots of great gift ideas for the whole family, recycled gift wrap and reusable gift bags.


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Please help us win £100,000 — WDC


Humpback breaching

Can you spare ten seconds today to help us secure £100,000?

Thank you for your incredible response to my email earlier this month. Because of you, we’ve made it through to the grand final of the Animal Friends ‘£100k giveaway’ and have a real chance of securing a game-changing donation that could genuinely make all the difference in our fight to end captivity.


We are not a big organisation but, because of supporters like you standing with us over the last 30 years, we’ve celebrated some huge successes this year towards realising our vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

In the last few months, we’ve won important victories that have seen big names in the tourism industry, like TripAdvisor, British Airways and Virgin Holidays, agree to stop selling tickets to facilities that exploit whales and dolphins for human ‘entertainment’. We’ve also worked with our partners to welcome belugas Little White and Little Grey to the world’s first whale sanctuary – a huge milestone that I personally believe marks the beginning of the end for the captivity industry.

We’ve only been able to secure these vital wins for whales and dolphins because of you, and your continued support.

By voting for WDC here, in just ten seconds you could help us to secure a safe future for over 3,000 individuals, like Morgan (pictured above), who suffer in cruel captive facilities.

Thank you so much for all that you do to support us.

Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO

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🐳 Your October whale and dolphin news 🐬


You’re making history

People power works! Virgin Holidays, British Airways and now TripAdvisor. You helped persuade these travel giants to stop selling tickets to attractions that hold whales or dolphins captive.

TripAdvisor’s announcement is another major victory for our campaign to end travel industry support for SeaWorld and other facilities that exploit whales and dolphins.

You’ll find out more about our campaign in your next issue of Whale & Dolphin. (If you don’t already get it, you should! Just donate here to subscribe and receive our brilliant magazine four times a year.)

Now, we urgently need your help to stop whaling.

Thank you for being a vital part of Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Julia Pix, WDC.


Join our campaign

Japan’s whalers have just killed 212 whales. What a tragic loss of life. Most Japanese people don’t even eat whale meat – it’s all about politics. While the Rugby World Cup is in Japan, we’re urging Japanese tourist agencies to push for an end to whaling.


Anyone for whale meat?

We joined with partner organisations to commission a survey in Norway to find out if anyone actually eats whale meat there. You may (or may not) be surprised by the results. Are we at a tipping point for whaling in Norway?


minke whale

Surfing porpoises spotted

Our researchers were treated to the unusual spectacle of porpoises surfing waves off the Welsh coast. Dolphins are well-known for surfing but it’s far less common in porpoises. They looked as though they were having a lot of fun.


surfing porpoise

Whispering whales?

A new study reveals that right whale mums may be whispering to their calves so they don’t attract predators, like orcas, with their loud voices. Every day’s a school day when whales and dolphins are involved!


right whale tail fluke

Feeling lucky?

Our Christmas Raffle has just opened and you could be in with the chance of winning big! Tickets are just £1 to play and you could scoop the jackpot of £1,000! You’ll also be helping our work to protect whales and dolphins around the world. Terms and conditions apply.


Humpback fluke


Please consider making a donation today


Brrrrr….. WDC



The sun is sinking lower in the sky.

Winter is coming and with it cooler days, perfect for our new zip hoodies!

Dare we say it – Christmas is coming!

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Ten seconds of your time could be worth £100k to us — WDC

Humpback breaching

Can you spare 10 seconds this afternoon to help WDC secure £100,000?

There are only a few hours left to help us secure £100,000 of vital funding. It only takes the click of a button but your vote could help win us a huge donation – funds that we urgently need to help us tackle the brutal practice of whaling and support our work to end captivity. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have already voted – there’s still time to share and encourage friends and family to vote too!

This exciting giveaway is being run by our long-term supporters, Animal Friends Insurance, who have chosen us to be a part of their 2019 ‚£100k giveaway‘. We’re up against five other great causes for the big prize, and we urgently need your help to get us through to the final!

Please help by clicking this link, choosing ‚Whale and Dolphin Conservation‘ and clicking ‚vote now‘ to cast your vote for us. It really will take just 10 seconds and you don’t even need to enter your name or email address.


Thank you so much for taking the time to vote – the whole WDC team really are incredibly grateful!

Abbie Cheesman
Partnerships Manager

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Not checking this email may cost WDC £100,000

You could help us win £100,000!

Humpback breaching

Help WDC win a huge donation from Animal Friends Insurance simply by clicking to vote!

As I write, Japanese whaling ships are out hunting majestic minke, Bryde’s and sei whales – defying the international ban on commercial whaling that has been in place for 30 years. Here at WDC we are working tirelessly to end whaling but we urgently need more resources to help us achieve this goal. What if I told you that with just one click you could secure an amazing £100,000 donation for WDC to help us expand our vital work to end whaling?

Our long-term supporters, Animal Friends Insurance have chosen WDC to be a part of their 2019 ‚£100k giveaway‘, which will see one charity awarded an amazing £100,000 donation in time for Christmas. WDC is up against five other great causes for the big prize, and I urgently need your help to help us get through to the final where three charities will compete in a public vote.

There are just a few days where you can vote to put WDC through. As someone who has been so supportive of our work in the past and who I know shares my heartfelt desire to end whaling, I’d be incredibly grateful if you spare 30 seconds of your time to click the button below and select WDC as your charity of choice – you don’t need to register or enter any personal details.

Thank you so much for your support – your action today really could help make a difference in our fight to stop whaling.

Chris Butler-Stroud


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🐳 Your September whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation


We’re excited to launch a new campaign and I hope you’ll join us! With the Rugby World Cup kicking off today in Japan, we’re throwing a spotlight on the fact that whales are still hunted in the waters around this beautiful country. Did you know that most Japanese people don’t eat whale meat? Whaling is sanctioned and supported by the Japanese government – 127 million people live in Japan, but only around 300 people are involved with the whaling industry.

Change will come from within Japan, and so we need to support the growing anti-whaling movement there. Whether you are a rugby fan or not, I hope you’ll share our video and add your voice to help us stop whaling.

Thank you for your support – we couldn’t do any of this without you.

Julia Pix, WDC


One amazing supporter

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. WDC supporter, Kathleen Haase is living proof of that. Find out how she did things she never dreamt she could and helped us stop British Airways selling trips to SeaWorld.


Too many dolphin deaths

After more than 1,000 common dolphins washed up dead in France this winter, WDC has joined scientists in calling on the EU and its member states to take urgent action to stop dolphins dying in fishing nets.


Common dolphin

Belugas doing well

Preparations continue to move the two belugas, Little Grey and Little White, into the bay at The Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland. Welfare experts advise they need a little longer before they are ready for their big day. Watch this space.


Bryan Adams supports

Canadian rock legend showed his support for our anti-whaling campaign in September by proudly wearing Katharine Hamnett’s iconic t-shirt. Join our growing movement and pick up your own below.


Bryan Adams wearing Please Stop Killing Whales t-shirt

Join us at Twickenham

We are delighted to announce ourselves as a partner of the 2019 Varsity Match rugby between Oxford and Cambridge Universities on December 12th. Early bird tickets start at just £20 for adults and £10 for children.


Children performing the Haka

Please consider making a donation today


🐳 Your August whale and dolphin news 🐬 — WDC

No Images? Click here

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

You helped us win another victory 

If you were one of more than 300,000 people who signed our petition calling on British Airways to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld – thank you – we did it!

The airline has agreed to end its relationship with SeaWorld and will no longer sell tickets to attractions that feature captive whales and dolphins or other wild animals. This is a tremendous success and comes just weeks after another of our campaign targets, Virgin Holidays, dropped SeaWorld. It goes to show what amazing things we achieve when we stand together.

Now we need your help to win another campaign…

Sign now to protect whales and dolphins around Scotland

The Scottish government plans to create protected areas for minke whales and Risso’s dolphins. They are holding a public consultation to find out what you think. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to take part. Click the button below to take action – you can help get these whales and dolphins the protection they need and deserve.

On behalf of everyone here at WDC, thank you for taking part,

Julia Pix, WDC


Your part in success

Thank you! You played a massive role in ending British Airways‘ support for SeaWorld. We wouldn’t have won this victory without the pressure from our brilliant supporters. Find out how we achieved this together.


Mischief and baby

Globe-trotting dolphins

Strange things are afoot with the dolphins of Scotland’s Moray Firth, including the individuals on our adopt a dolphin programme. Mischief and pals are off the coast of Holland and Spirtle and others are in Ireland – what’s going on?


Risso's dolphins

Love islands

UK islands are amazing places to spot whales and dolphins. WDC’s Chair of Trustees, Lisa Drew has been to all of them and shares her top five with you. Can you guess which islands are her favourites?


Save NZ dolphins

We met New Zealand’s Conservation Minister to discuss urgent protection for Hector’s and Māui dolphins. To save them, we need the government to remove fishing nets from the dolphins‘ home.


Tackling ocean plastic

What do two traffic cones, an umbrella and a paintbrush have in common? They were all saved from potentially ending up in the ocean by the fantastic team at high street retailer, GAME, during a recent #UrbanBeachClean. What else did they find?


Please consider making a donation today


🐳 We won! Your July whale and dolphin news 🐬 — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Richard Branson riding an orca

We won – thanks to you!

This week Virgin Holidays agreed to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld and other places that hold whales or dolphins captive for ‚entertainment‘. This is a massive victory for us and for you!

Five years ago we launched our campaign calling on all UK holiday companies to stop supporting cruel captivity shows and we’ve made amazing progress:

  1. Thomas Cook dropped SeaWorld and other attractions and is auditing the facilities left on its books.
  2. Together with the SEA LIFE Trust, we have created the world’s first sanctuary for captive whales.
  3. Now Virgin Holidays has made this monumental decision.

We couldn’t have achieved any of these successes without your support so thank you – you should feel very proud.

We need you to help us win another victory…

New Zealand dolphins

…let’s prevent an extinction

Fishing nets have pushed Hector’s and Māui dolphins to the brink of extinction and we’ve been campaigning hard to persuade the New Zealand government to remove the nets from the dolphins‘ home.

Now, the New Zealand government wants to hear from you. They are holding a public consultation on how to protect the dolphins. We’ve made it really quick and easy to have your say – the consultation is only open until 4 August so please act now before it’s too late.

On behalf of all of us at WDC, thanks for your support – together we achieve incredible things.

Julia Pix, WDC

P.S. We’ve changed our social media handles. You can now find us @whalesorg on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

A New Zealand dolphin

Take action now

Tell the New Zealand government what they need to do to save New Zealand dolphins from extinction. We’ve made it simple and you can add your own message or just send ours. It’ll take you less than a minute and could save a species.


A wild orca leaps

Campaign success

This is huge – Virgin Holidays will stop selling tickets to SeaWorld! Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign – you made this happen. Our thanks also to Virgin for doing the right thing.


two dolphins leap

Protect UK dolphins

Did you know that disturbing dolphins is illegal in the UK? Many people don’t, so we’ve teamed up with the National Wildlife Crime Unit to release a new awareness video and info on what to do if you see someone behaving badly around dolphins.


A minke whale

World Oceans Day

Our amazing partners raised a staggering £30,000 for whales and dolphins through their World Oceans Day fundraisers in June. We are extremely grateful for the support of all of the companies who supported this year’s event.


Kate Moss

Kate Moss joins our call to stop whaling

The message on our popular Teemill T-shirt is clear: Please Stop Killing Whales. Designed by Katherine Hamnett, these T-shirts are a great way to show the world that you want to help stop whaling. A big ‚thank you‘ to supermodel Kate Moss for wearing hers with pride.


London to Brighton Bike Ride

Join the London to Brighton Bike Ride

Whether you’re Tour de France standard or just like to cycle around town, you can raise money to help whales and dolphins by riding with Team Orca on 15 September. An exciting activity for the end of your summer.


Please consider making a donation today