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🐳 Your September whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation


We’re excited to launch a new campaign and I hope you’ll join us! With the Rugby World Cup kicking off today in Japan, we’re throwing a spotlight on the fact that whales are still hunted in the waters around this beautiful country. Did you know that most Japanese people don’t eat whale meat? Whaling is sanctioned and supported by the Japanese government – 127 million people live in Japan, but only around 300 people are involved with the whaling industry.

Change will come from within Japan, and so we need to support the growing anti-whaling movement there. Whether you are a rugby fan or not, I hope you’ll share our video and add your voice to help us stop whaling.

Thank you for your support – we couldn’t do any of this without you.

Julia Pix, WDC


One amazing supporter

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. WDC supporter, Kathleen Haase is living proof of that. Find out how she did things she never dreamt she could and helped us stop British Airways selling trips to SeaWorld.


Too many dolphin deaths

After more than 1,000 common dolphins washed up dead in France this winter, WDC has joined scientists in calling on the EU and its member states to take urgent action to stop dolphins dying in fishing nets.


Common dolphin

Belugas doing well

Preparations continue to move the two belugas, Little Grey and Little White, into the bay at The Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland. Welfare experts advise they need a little longer before they are ready for their big day. Watch this space.


Bryan Adams supports

Canadian rock legend showed his support for our anti-whaling campaign in September by proudly wearing Katharine Hamnett’s iconic t-shirt. Join our growing movement and pick up your own below.


Bryan Adams wearing Please Stop Killing Whales t-shirt

Join us at Twickenham

We are delighted to announce ourselves as a partner of the 2019 Varsity Match rugby between Oxford and Cambridge Universities on December 12th. Early bird tickets start at just £20 for adults and £10 for children.


Children performing the Haka

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🐳 Your August whale and dolphin news 🐬 — WDC

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

You helped us win another victory 

If you were one of more than 300,000 people who signed our petition calling on British Airways to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld – thank you – we did it!

The airline has agreed to end its relationship with SeaWorld and will no longer sell tickets to attractions that feature captive whales and dolphins or other wild animals. This is a tremendous success and comes just weeks after another of our campaign targets, Virgin Holidays, dropped SeaWorld. It goes to show what amazing things we achieve when we stand together.

Now we need your help to win another campaign…

Sign now to protect whales and dolphins around Scotland

The Scottish government plans to create protected areas for minke whales and Risso’s dolphins. They are holding a public consultation to find out what you think. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to take part. Click the button below to take action – you can help get these whales and dolphins the protection they need and deserve.

On behalf of everyone here at WDC, thank you for taking part,

Julia Pix, WDC


Your part in success

Thank you! You played a massive role in ending British Airways‘ support for SeaWorld. We wouldn’t have won this victory without the pressure from our brilliant supporters. Find out how we achieved this together.


Mischief and baby

Globe-trotting dolphins

Strange things are afoot with the dolphins of Scotland’s Moray Firth, including the individuals on our adopt a dolphin programme. Mischief and pals are off the coast of Holland and Spirtle and others are in Ireland – what’s going on?


Risso's dolphins

Love islands

UK islands are amazing places to spot whales and dolphins. WDC’s Chair of Trustees, Lisa Drew has been to all of them and shares her top five with you. Can you guess which islands are her favourites?


Save NZ dolphins

We met New Zealand’s Conservation Minister to discuss urgent protection for Hector’s and Māui dolphins. To save them, we need the government to remove fishing nets from the dolphins‘ home.


Tackling ocean plastic

What do two traffic cones, an umbrella and a paintbrush have in common? They were all saved from potentially ending up in the ocean by the fantastic team at high street retailer, GAME, during a recent #UrbanBeachClean. What else did they find?


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🐳 We won! Your July whale and dolphin news 🐬 — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Richard Branson riding an orca

We won – thanks to you!

This week Virgin Holidays agreed to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld and other places that hold whales or dolphins captive for ‚entertainment‘. This is a massive victory for us and for you!

Five years ago we launched our campaign calling on all UK holiday companies to stop supporting cruel captivity shows and we’ve made amazing progress:

  1. Thomas Cook dropped SeaWorld and other attractions and is auditing the facilities left on its books.
  2. Together with the SEA LIFE Trust, we have created the world’s first sanctuary for captive whales.
  3. Now Virgin Holidays has made this monumental decision.

We couldn’t have achieved any of these successes without your support so thank you – you should feel very proud.

We need you to help us win another victory…

New Zealand dolphins

…let’s prevent an extinction

Fishing nets have pushed Hector’s and Māui dolphins to the brink of extinction and we’ve been campaigning hard to persuade the New Zealand government to remove the nets from the dolphins‘ home.

Now, the New Zealand government wants to hear from you. They are holding a public consultation on how to protect the dolphins. We’ve made it really quick and easy to have your say – the consultation is only open until 4 August so please act now before it’s too late.

On behalf of all of us at WDC, thanks for your support – together we achieve incredible things.

Julia Pix, WDC

P.S. We’ve changed our social media handles. You can now find us @whalesorg on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

A New Zealand dolphin

Take action now

Tell the New Zealand government what they need to do to save New Zealand dolphins from extinction. We’ve made it simple and you can add your own message or just send ours. It’ll take you less than a minute and could save a species.


A wild orca leaps

Campaign success

This is huge – Virgin Holidays will stop selling tickets to SeaWorld! Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign – you made this happen. Our thanks also to Virgin for doing the right thing.


two dolphins leap

Protect UK dolphins

Did you know that disturbing dolphins is illegal in the UK? Many people don’t, so we’ve teamed up with the National Wildlife Crime Unit to release a new awareness video and info on what to do if you see someone behaving badly around dolphins.


A minke whale

World Oceans Day

Our amazing partners raised a staggering £30,000 for whales and dolphins through their World Oceans Day fundraisers in June. We are extremely grateful for the support of all of the companies who supported this year’s event.


Kate Moss

Kate Moss joins our call to stop whaling

The message on our popular Teemill T-shirt is clear: Please Stop Killing Whales. Designed by Katherine Hamnett, these T-shirts are a great way to show the world that you want to help stop whaling. A big ‚thank you‘ to supermodel Kate Moss for wearing hers with pride.


London to Brighton Bike Ride

Join the London to Brighton Bike Ride

Whether you’re Tour de France standard or just like to cycle around town, you can raise money to help whales and dolphins by riding with Team Orca on 15 September. An exciting activity for the end of your summer.


Please consider making a donation today


You can help stop the slaughter — WDC

Whales around Japan need your help

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

I’m afraid I have some devastating news .

Yesterday, on 1 July, five whaling ships set sail from Kushiro in Japan for their first openly commercial hunt since 1986. The first whale – a minke – was killed and brought back to shore that day!

We need your help today. We must act fast. We must put pressure on the Japanese government to stop the senseless butchering of these beautiful, innocent creatures.


Minke whale

We publicly condemn these barbaric hunts. You may have seen me quoted in UK newspapers arguing that there is practically no demand for whale meat in Japan. This hunt is not only going against the direction of accepted international law but also is not needed. Up to 95% of Japanese people very rarely or never eat whale meat – whaling is about politics not food.

We understand the Japanese fleet intends to hunt and kill: 52 minke whales, 150 Bryde’s whales and 25 endangered sei whales. I can not stand by and let this happen.

A gift from you today will help us:

  • ensure that international scientific, legal and political pressure is brought to bear on those who have instigated these hunts.
  • work with colleagues in the anti-whaling movement in Japan to maximise domestic opposition.
  • demonstrate that science proves we need whales for healthy oceans and our planet.
  • continue to work with lawyers to scrutinise the legality of Japan’s decision to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and evaluate the possibility for legal steps against it.

The actions of the Japanese fleet are inhumane and totally unnecessary. You can make a difference. Please, as someone who cares so passionately about whales, will you support us and make a donation?

Thank you for all your incredible support.

Together we can make a difference.

Chris Butler-Stroud


WDC in action: protesters making their voices heard outside the Japanese embassy in London on 27 June 2019.


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Your June newsletter | Beluga move | No fin whaling | Orca watch — WDC

Two special whales have arrived at their new sanctuary home – get the full story and find out what else you are helping us achieve

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Two very special belugas have arrived at their new sanctuary home…

Yesterday, Little White and Little Grey arrived safely in Iceland! If you’ve been following this story, you’ll know that we have been working with the SEA LIFE Trust to create the world’s first ocean sanctuary for whales.

We realised a long time ago that it is no use calling for an end to captivity unless there is somewhere for captive whales and dolphins to go. After years of planning and mind-boggling logistical challenges, the first two whales have arrived at their new sanctuary home. They will be monitored by our experts in a quarantine area to make sure they are fully fit after their long journey before being released into the sea.

Your support made all this possible. Now we need your help to continue looking after Little Grey, Little White, and many others still held in captivity. Please donate today so we can continue our vital work. 


I feel quite emotional imagining Little White and Little Grey’s reaction when they feel the salty ocean on their skin again. I hope they experience joy as they explore their new environment and liberation as they realise they won’t have to perform tricks for food ever again. I will keep you updated as their adventure unfolds.

Thank you for your ongoing support. All our work is only possible because of the donations you give us – we genuinely appreciate every single penny.

With warmest wishes on behalf of Little White and Little Grey and from all of us at WDC. See you next month.

Julia Pix


The belugas have safely landed!

How did we move them?

Moving two whales half way round the world isn’t simple, and it isn’t cheap. But we did it safely, thanks to the SEA LIFE Trust team, amazing support from project partners, Cargolux and a lot of preparation and planning.


Jane Goodall

Extinction emergency

Our campaign to save New Zealand dolphins is hotting up. So we’ve brought together local and international charities to call on New Zealand’s government to face up to this extinction emergency. I’m thrilled that conservation pioneer and hero, Jane Goodall has given us her support.


A fin whale

Fin whale hunt is off 

We’re delighted to hear that there will be no fin whale hunt in Iceland this year. The lives of 209 whales have potentially been saved. Sadly, the minke whale hunt is still on, almost exclusively to cater for tourist demand for whale meat.


Watching orcas from a rock

Orca watching in Scotland

Wow! Would you believe that this picture was snapped from the Scottish coast a few weeks ago? Find out from Steve how he was able to take this incredible photo!



🐳 Your April whale and dolphin news 🐬

How you can help save a species, plus all the latest from the world of whales and dolphins.

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Thank you, your support matters

If you signed our petition to save New Zealand dolphins, I want to say a huge ‚thank you‘ – we genuinely appreciate your support. More than 41,000 people joined our campaign calling on the New Zealand government to keep Hector’s and Māui dolphins safe from the fishing nets that are pushing them towards extinction. We’ve closed the petition now and will give it to New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern soon. Watch this space!

We’ve still got a long way to go and we need you to help by taking part in our simple selfie action. Find out how below.

As always, on behalf of the whales, dolphins and everyone here at WDC, thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy your e-newsletter.

Julia Pix, WDC

Save NZ dolphins selfie action

Show your support

The petition may be closed but our campaign to save New Zealand dolphins continues. Please take part in our action. It’s easy and it’s quick. Just print our sign of support, take a picture and share on social media or email it to us. We need to show New Zealand’s government that the world is watching.


Limited edition Māui dolphin bag

A real bag for life

Treat yourself to one of these adorable Māui dolphin bags and help save the species from extinction. Hurry, because just like the Māui, there are fewer than 60 bags on the planet. For every bag sold, WDC will receive €30 euros towards our campaign to save New Zealand dolphins..


A sperm whale

Amazing record breakers

Did you know that sperm whales are the loudest whales and bowheads live the longest? Whales and dolphins are flippin‘ awesome and you can find more incredible record breakers on our new website…who do you think has the biggest mouth?



New date for beluga move

You may remember that awful weather meant we had to delay moving two belugas to their new ocean home. Little Grey and Little White are now scheduled to arrive in Iceland on 19 June.They continue to prepare for this complex journey.


Will Young in our new t-shirt

Please stop killing whales

Will Young is the latest famous face to join our fight to stop whaling. He’s wearing the new statement T-shirt by Katharine Hamnett. Produced in partnership with WDC, it carries a message for the governments ignoring the whaling ban. WDC benefits from every T-shirt sold.


Summer Raffle

Our Summer Raffle is now open!

It’s a great way to support our work.
Play today from just £1 for your chance to win £1000. If you enter before 27 May, you will be automatically entered into a free draw to win one of 20 whale-design WDC cotton bags. You must be aged 18 or over and reside in mainland Great Britain to play


Plastic Free Picnic

It’s time for a Plastic-free Picnic

Enjoy a Plastic-free Picnic with friends, family or colleagues this summer and combine it with one of our simple fundraising ideas to help whales and dolphins. Our top fundraiser will win a fantastic picnic prize from WDC Partner, Anorak, with other prizes for other top fundraisers.


Please consider making a donation today


🐳 Your April whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

News from the world of whales and dolphins


I just had to share this photo of spinner dolphins with you. It actually made me say ‚wow‘ out loud when I saw it!

Dolphins and whales are awesome – they evoke intense emotions when we encounter them in their natural environment.  There’s something about seeing a whale or dolphin powering through the water that makes it an unforgettable experience. It’s their size, their mystery, their intelligence – we can see ourselves in them and yet they are utterly other.

The photo above was taken by WDC ambassador, Andrew Sutton and you can read more about this amazing whale and dolphin watching experience in his guest blog below.

While we’re talking about watching these magnificent creatures in the wild, I’ve got an uplifting story for you about how we are helping an ex-whale hunter to start a whale watch business. And, if you fancy watching out for dolphins and porpoises with us, then you could join our team in September as a volunteer on the island of Bardsey, north Wales.

As always, thank you for your support – it’s the donations we receive from people like you that mean we can keep ‚looking out‘ for whales and dolphins wherever they need us.

With best wishes on behalf of all at WDC.

Julia Pix

Watching for whales on Bardsey Island

This could be you!

Do you fancy joining us in north Wales to help with our fieldwork? We’re looking for volunteers to join our team for two weeks in September. Details, costs and application form can be found on our website. We’d love to see you.


Sperm whales dive

Extraordinary encounters

WDC ambassador, Andrew Sutton recounts his inspiring experience with sperm whales off Sri Lanka. We all love seeing whales and dolphins in the wild but we need to watch responsibly or we risk causing them harm.


Supporting a move to whale watching

Helping an ex-hunter

We believe in offering positive alternatives. That’s why we’ve been supporting an ex-whaler from the Caribbean as he hangs up his harpoon to start a whale watching business. It’s such an exciting project!


What we think these prehistoric whales looked like

Wow! Walking whale found

Scientists have unearthed the fossil of a 43-million-year-old whale who had webbed feet and hooves.


One of the belugas

Beluga move delayed

Awful weather in Iceland means we’ve had to postpone Little Grey and Little White’s journey to their new ocean sanctuary home for a short while. We’ll have a new move date soon and will let you know once the two whales have arrived safely. We can’t wait!


Common dolphins

EU lets dolphins down

Thousands of dolphins and porpoises die in fishing nets every year in EU waters. Last week, MEPs had a real chance to make a difference but they failed, voting in new laws which fall well short of what’s needed to stop these deaths.


minke whale

333 minke whales killed

Japanese whalers have killed 333 minke whales in what will be their last ‚research‘ hunt in Antarctica. They plan to resume full-scale commercial whaling in Japan’s waters this June.


Gerry Turley Whale Poster

Beautiful whale posters from Gerry Turley

Do you love humpback whales? Or are you after a special treat for yourself? Look no further! Gerry Turley’s signed, hand-finished screen printed posters add the wow-factor to any wall and each purchase helps support our work.


Wild Route to Freedom

Explore Scotland with Born Wild

There are still places available for Born Wild’s ‚Wild Route To Freedom‘, the ultimate Scottish adventure. It provides a unique exploration of the iconic, wild North Coast 500 route. Book a place on this trip and help to support our work.



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Whales around Japan need YOU

Whales around Japan need your help

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whales around Japan urgently need your help  

I’m sure that you were as upset and angry as us to hear that Japan’s whaling boats have just returned from their Antarctic hunt, having slaughtered 333 minke whales.

Of the 333 whales killed, 186 were males and 147 females. If we go by last year’s figures we can assume that well over 100 of these whales they killed were carrying a baby.


Why do we need your help?

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve stood firm against whaling for 30 years and defeated all Japan’s efforts to overturn the commercial whaling ban.

Since the news broke three months ago that Japan would be leaving the International Whaling Commission (IWC is the body that regulates whaling) to resume large-scale commercial whale hunts, we have been working hard to determine the most effective ways to tackle this new Japanese government tactic. We are currently reviewing all possible legal actions that we could take. In addition we are working closely with governments, contacts in Japan and other like-minded organisations to fight against the commercial whale slaughter. Like a game of chess, we need to watch carefully and plan to counter their every move.

From July, the Japanese hunters will kill sei, Bryde’s and minke whales in the same way that they kill around 3,000 dolphins and ‘small’ whales every year – in unregulated hunts with no accountability. We can’t let that happen again.

Many anti-whaling countries have already voiced their dismay and concern with Japan´s decision. We must work together.

How will we use your money?

With your donation our whaling team will:

  • participate in the IWC scientific committee taking place between 10th–22nd May in Nairobi. We will be on the ground to hear Japan lay out their plans for commercial whaling and will support key governments in their responses.
  • demonstrate that scientific research has proven the importance of whales for healthy oceans and our planet. Science does not support whaling and it is clear that killing whales is bad for the ocean ecosystem.
  • continue to work with lawyers to scrutinise the legality of Japan’s decision to leave the IWC and evaluate the possibility for legal steps against it.
  • continue to work with partners in Japan, global charities and government departments to leverage diplomatic pressure.

Whaling is horrifically cruel and we must not let commercial whaling decimate fragile whale populations, many of which haven’t fully recovered from previous large scale commercial hunts.

Thank you so much for your support, it really is appreciated.
Astrid Fuchs, WDC stop whaling lead

We take your privacy and the protection of your personal data seriously. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, store and manage your information.

Please be assured that any money donated over and above the needs of this appeal will be put to good use to help whales and dolphins around the work.


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🐳 Your March whale and dolphin news 🐬

Last chance to help save New Zealand dolphins, plus all your whale and dolphin news.

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

New Zealand dolphins leaping

It’s your last chance to show your support for New Zealand dolphins …

The smallest dolphins in the world are in big trouble – they need your help. We can save them if the New Zealand government bans certain fishing nets from the areas where the dolphins live. Our petition will close soon so please sign and share it if you haven’t already

When you go to our petition, you may notice something’s different – I’m very pleased *drum roll* to let you know that we have launched a new website. We hope we have made it much easier to find everything you ever wanted to know about whales, dolphins and porpoises and how your support is helping us keep them safe and free.

We’d love to know what you think of the new site. All comments – positive, negative or anywhere in-between – will be very gratefully received and will help us make your website the best experience that we can for you.

Go in and have a look around and then tell us what you think.

As always, thank you for being with us – without our supporters, we wouldn’t be here to fight for the whales and dolphins we all love.

Julia Pix, WDC.



A New Zealand dolphin leaps

Last chance to save me!

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to save the New Zealand dolphin from extinction. Petition closes at the end of March and we need more people to show their support – thank you!


Mark Brazier shows his support

Signed? Now share!

Please encourage everyone you know to sign our petition to save New Zealand dolphins. Hit the button below to find everything you need to show your support on social and get your friends involved too.


Two NZ dolphins leaping

As common as seagulls

How many New Zealand dolphins should there be? The conservation standard to aim for is not 20 years ago, when there were a few more dolphins around, it’s before our living memory when they were as common as seagulls.


A New Zealand dolphin trapped in a net

Why are dolphins dying?

You may have read stories recently about a spate of dolphin deaths in nets in New Zealand. Our campaigner in New Zealand, Gemma McGrath, gives you an impassioned insight into what’s going on.


A bottlenose dolphin's face

Action for UK dolphins

EU law recognises whales, dolphins and other animals as sentient beings, aware of their feelings and emotions. Ensure UK whales and dolphins keep this legal protection after Brexit. Join WDC, Alesha Dixon and others and sign the petition to keep welfare high on the political agenda.


a haul of fish

Is MSC fish dolphin-safe?

If you buy fish with an MSC stamp of approval, can you be sure no dolphins or porpoises died to bring it to your plate? The short answer is ’no‘, unless it is caught with pole and line.


BIG Splash Swim 2019

Make a BIG Splash for whales and dolphins!

It doesn’t matter how far or fast you can swim, anyone can take on a Dolphin, Whale or Pod Challenge in the 2019 Big Splash Swim.

Follow the link below for more details or contact


An orca

Join Team Orca for Swim Serpentine

If you love open-water swimming – or want to try it for the first time – then Swim Serpentine is for you! Team Orca has 10 places – choose from ½ mile, one mile or, if you are an experienced swimmer, the two-mile-swim. For more details, contact



You can help save the New Zealand Dolphin. Please consider making a donation today.