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Help us protect New Zealand dolphins — WDC

Hurry, take action now – consultation closes 21 July (NZ time)

New Zealand dolphins underwater

What you need to do

Send an email to:

You must include your:

  • name
  • contact details and preferences (is it OK to email you)
  • comments on the proposals

Keep it simple.  The New Zealand government just want to know if you agree with or disagree with the proposals and why.

In your email: state that you agree with the proposals to extend the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary and to extend the Banks Peninsula Marine Mammal Sanctuary but that to really protect the dolphins, they need to extend protection from gill-nets and trawling out to the 100 metre depth contour. email now

Read our response to the consultation

🐳 Your June whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Little White and Little Grey are days away from their new ocean home!

I have such exciting news  – in just a few days, we hope to move these two awesome belugas from the care pool into their new open water home in Klettsvik Bay, Iceland. Our care team and independent vets will be by their side throughout the very short journey (under 45 mins per beluga) from the land-side care facility to their new sea sanctuary care area in the bay.

In the picture below, you can see the sanctuary care area (with a practice dummy weight in the sling – that’s not a whale).  Little Grey and Little White will need a short period there to acclimatise to their new natural environment and all the outdoor elements. Then, once our team and the vets have given them a full health assessment, they will be released into the wider sanctuary. Thank you so very much for your continued support, we can’t wait to share more news with you once they are in the bay.


It’s not too late to support our World Oceans Day appeal

We launched an appeal on World Oceans Day, 8th June – did you see the email from our CEO, Chris Butler-Stroud? He explained how whales are our allies in fighting the climate crisis and why we need your support to help us protect them, because if we save the whales, we help save the world and ourselves! It’s not too late to be a part of this. If you are able to make a donation, we promise to put it to good use. Every single gift – small or large – makes a difference.

Thank you for being with us . Whales and dolphins need people like you on their side!

With very best wishes on behalf of all of us at WDC,

Julia Pix


Dolphins breaching

Ocean Dreaming

We’ve joined forces with other leading charities to ask the UK Government to commit to making our marine environment clean and healthy again. Find out what we’re doing and get involved by entering the Ocean Dreaming photo competition


Humpback breaching by Rob Lott

You could be a winner!

There’s still time to play our Summer Raffle! If you live in the UK and would like to be in with a chance of winning our top £1,000 prize (plus many, many more), why not play today? Click the button below to play securely online. Ts&Cs apply*


Porpoise in net

Action for porpoises!

More than 1,000 porpoises die in fishing nets in UK seas every year. This is a tragic and unnecessary loss of life. We need urgent government action now to keep these beautiful, intelligent beings safe in our seas.


Breaching humpback

Protecting the ocean

My colleague, Erich Hoyt, was in Australia working out which areas of ocean whales themselves might protect if they could draw lines around their favourite hangouts. Then the pandemic hit…


Dolphin group

Health warning

We know eating whales and dolphins can be bad for human health. In the light of coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to draw attention to the major potential health implications from continuing to eat them.


whale purse

Visit our online shop

Our Scottish Dolphin Centre remains closed for now, however you can still browse the gift shop online! Shop our range of eco-friendly and ethically produced gifts, plus 100% of the profits to go protecting whales and dolphins.


Captive dolphin

More captive dolphins die

Two young captive dolphins have died within days of each other. One was a newborn held in a French theme park, the other, known as Teide, was in his early 20s when he died at Genoa Aquarium.


Dolphin Defenders

Lockdown fun for kids

Our Dolphin Defenders award is the ideal lockdown boredom-buster. All kids receive a certificate and a badge on completion. Suitable for all ages and fun is guaranteed!


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We need to act urgently to save whales and our planet. Will you help? — wdc


Today is World Oceans Day. A day for celebrating the role of the ocean in our everyday lives and inspiring action to protect it. We’ve set ourselves a target to raise £5,000 in 24 hours. Will you help?


Whales play an amazing role in an ecosystem that keeps every creature on Earth alive, including you .

Humans have done enormous damage to the planet. We’ve killed millions of whales, wiping out up to 90% of some populations.  But few people, let alone governments, are aware that recovering whale populations can help fight the damage we cause.

Climate change is a crisis that threatens all life on earth, but we can do something, and increasing whale populations is an essential part of the answer.

Whales play a vital role in the marine ecosystem where they help the ocean provide up to 50% of our oxygen, combat climate change and sustain fish populations.

If you think about trees being one of the lungs of the planet, then the ocean is Earth’s second lung, removing harmful carbon from our atmosphere and pumping out oxygen – just like a forest. The image below shows you how important whales (and their poo!) are to this process. It’s amazing to think that whales help give you every other breath you take!

Tragically, we estimate that over a lifetime, every great whale lost is equivalent to bulldozing over three million square metres of forest. 

Whalers slaughtered almost three million whales in the 20th Century alone. If we help whales to recover to the numbers there were before we started killing them for profit, they would help sustain a healthy ocean. Every year, these millions more whales swimming safe and free would be the equivalent of replanting all the land cleared in the Amazon in the last 17 years. Wouldn’t that be amazing?  

We must fight to protect whales like never before. It’s a huge and critical challenge, but we can’t do this alone.


We plan to lead an ambitious, collaborative programme, called the ‘Green Whale’, that will develop global support to restore whale populations to fight climate change and make our oceans healthy again. But to achieve this,we need your help . A donation from you today could help us:

  • Fund research on the critical role of whales in fighting the climate crisis so we have the scientific evidence to lobby for more marine protected areas.
  • Develop tools which will allow people to measure the contribution whales and dolphins are making to fighting climate change.
  • Present evidence on how whales fight climate change to the International Whaling Commission as a compelling reason to force whaling nations to stop killing whales.
  • Build a global network of climate change experts committed to driving international policy change to protect whales and dolphins.

We can only continue our work with the help of supporters like you. If you are able to make a donation, however small or large, it would mean the world to us. 

Thank you.

Chris Butler-Stroud,  CEO – Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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🐳 Your May whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
We’ve got lots of good news for you this month …

We’re nearly there ! In just a few weeks, Little Grey and Little White will enter their new sanctuary home.
We’re so excited – it’s the moment we’ve all worked so hard for. After years of planning and overcoming obstacles, their big day is nearly here – we hope to move these two amazing beluga whales from the care pool to the sanctuary bay in June. Little Grey and Little White will once again experience the rhythms of the ocean and the freedom to choose how to spend their days. 
In partnership with the SEALIFE Trust we have created the world’s first whale sanctuary and we couldn’t be prouder – thank you for supporting and believing in us.
I want to take this opportunity to ask if you might help us with a small donation today? Ensuring the sanctuary’s long-term future is a priority as it will provide a safe environment for Little White and Little Grey for the rest of their lives, as well as for the whales who come here in the future. Everything we achieve for whales and dolphins is made possible by our brilliant supporters – people like you. We appreciate every single penny and even the smallest gift makes a huge difference. Thank you!
If you’re not already part of our brilliant social community, come and join us – you’ll find lots of other people there who feel as passionately about whales and dolphins as you do. We’d love to see you. 
Thank you and stay safe, on behalf of all of us at Whale and Dolphin Conservation,
Julia Pix

Dive into their world
Whether you’re looking for ideas for lockdown quiz questions or just curious about whales and dolphins, you’ll find loads of amazing facts and figures about our flippered friends on our website.
A minke whale breaches 

Whale hunts end
Iceland’s minke whale hunter says he will never kill whales again. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to hear this! With your support, we’ve campaigned hard to stop whaling in Iceland by reducing the demand for the meat. Minke whales will live in peace because of you. How amazing is that?
A dolphin breaches
Fancy winning £1,000?
Our Summer Raffle is now open. Entries start from £1 so, if you live in mainland Great Britain or Northern Ireland, play today for your chance to win one of 10 cash prizes, including the jackpot of £1,000! Enter by clicking below to play securely online.*
A Hector's dolphin leaps
Protecting NZ dolphins
Together, we’ve been campaigning to persuade New Zealand’s government to move to dolphin-safe fishing where Hector’s and Māui dolphins live. Philippa Brakes explores what the pandemic may mean for these little dolphins and our efforts to save them.
one of our amazing supporters
Lockdown heroes
You are all amazing! We’re inspired by the ways you’ve fundraised during lockdown. If you haven’t taken part in the 2.6 Challenge yet, it’s so easy and it’s not too late. Find out what other supporters got up to and how you can join in and make a real difference for whales and dolphins from home.
Orcas in Russia
Orcas safer in Russia 
We’re over the moon that a group of orcas in Russia’s far east is to be protected from captures. We helped open up orca research in Russia by identifying individual whales and building a team to study them. Their research showed the Russian government that these orcas are endangered.
A hale dives
Whaling and climate 
There are many reasons to protect whales from the hunters’ harpoons. Now we know that whales play a vital role in helping us tackle the climate crisis, we need to protect them for the benefit of all life on Earth. In his blog our CEO, Chris Butler-Stroud, argues that whaling is a form of climate criminality. 
Little Grey
​Humble Bundle turns 10!
Happy 10th birthday to our friends at Humble Bundle, the online book, video game and software retailer. They have been incredible supporters of WDC, raising a staggering £2.3 million in support of our projects, including The Beluga Whale Sanctuary. 

Know a young poet?
Anyone aged 11-17 can enter the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award. If they write about whales or dolphins, please email a copy of the poem to us – we’d love to read it and we might publish it in our kids magazine Splash! Good luck.
Please consider making a donation today

🐳 Your April whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Escape into the world of whales and dolphins! 
Hi  I hope you are keeping safe and well and adapting to your new reality.
Here at Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we’ve been reflecting on the impact this pandemic might have on whales and dolphins.
The coronavirus has been devastating for the travel industry. It’s too early to know how this will affect whale and dolphin captivity but our End Captivity lead, Cathy Williamson, has been thinking about it and shares her thoughts in her latest blog.
With all but our amazing key workers either working at home or furloughed, it’s mind-boggling that the Norwegian government has decided that its whalers are essential workers and can carry on their cruel hunts with tax-payers‘ money. Our policy manager, Vanessa Williams-Grey, explores.

Our friends made this video to say ‚thank you‘ to our orca adopters and all our other wonderful supporters. I hope it gives you a boost today. Did you know that you could adopt an orca for yourself or perhaps as a gift to keep someone company? You’ll get to know an individual orca with monthly video email updates and our fabulous magazine, Whale & Dolphin four times a year. And you’ll be supporting our vital work protecting whales and dolphins everywhere. Go on…it’ll make you feel proud!
Come and join us on social media where we’re spreading the love every day with good news, inspiring stories and fun family activities. Get involved in our social community and let’s take the distance out of social distancing.
With very best wishes, on behalf of all of us at Whale and Dolphin Conservation,
Julia Pix
Join us on:

Dive into their world
Did you know there are 90 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises? Find out everything you ever wanted to know about every single one of them in our species guide.
A confined dolphin
Social isolation
What will this global pandemic mean for the future of whale and dolphin captivity? There will be challenges but maybe also some silver linings. Our End Captivity lead, Cathy Williamson reflects.
Whalers are key workers!?
Like us, Norwegians are adjusting to a life of self-isolation and we imagine they would be surprised to learn their government thinks killing whales is an essential way to spend their taxes at a time like this.
Dolphin defenders
Dolphin Defenders
If you’ve got kids at home who could do with something to keep them busy, hook them up with Dolphin Defenders. It’s our fun challenge award for children who love whales and dolphins.
Fife with a rainbow
Adopt an orca
When you adopt a wild orca, like Fife (pictured), you’ll get to know an individual whale and learn all about their fascinating life and family. Choose a kids or an adult adoption and adopt for yourself or as a gift.
And finally, do you fancy making an origami dolphin? Have fun!
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Escape into the world of whales and dolphins — wdc

Whales and dolphins can give us all a welcome distraction! Dive into their world with your March e-news from Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

No images? Click here

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Escape into the world of whales and dolphins! 

Hi  I’m happy to be bringing you your March e-news as escaping into the world of whales and dolphins can provide us all with a welcome boost in these difficult times.

Whales and dolphins are amazing and we can learn a lot from them. Many species live in tightly bonded societies and communities. They look out for each other, take care of their sick, communicate over vast distances, and they have fun!  I’ll never stop being inspired and fascinated by them.

I want to share this video with you to bring some wonder into your day. It’s just amazing to see and hear wild orcas so close and reminds us how important it is to protect them. (If you adopt an orca then you will have received it in your update last month, but watch it again!)

Finally, I’d like to reassure you that we’re still here, working hard to protect whales and dolphins all over the world. Most of us are working from home (much to the delight of our dogs and cats), but it’s business as usual and we’re all incredibly grateful for your support.

Come and join us on social media where we’re spreading the love every day with good news, inspiring stories and fun family activities. Get involved in our social community and let’s take the distance out of social distancing.

With very best wishes, on behalf of all of us at Whale and Dolphin Conservation,

Julia Pix

Join us on:


A sperm whale

Dive into their world

How many species of whale and dolphin are there? Where have they come from? How do they socialise and behave? Why do they migrate? Is it true they can sing? Find out the answers to these questions and more…DIVE IN

A humpback dives

A humpback tale

Find out how one of our brilliant Shorewatch volunteers, and his friend, followed a humpback whale from the Caribbean to Norway, via Scotland. This amazing story shows how social media can help our understanding of whales and dolphins.FULL STORY

A group of orcas

Inspiring global action

Whales and dolphins cross borders and so countries work together to protect them. Before the travel ban, our policy manager, Nicola Hodgins, took part in an international meeting, achieving impressive results for our flippered friends!FIND OUT MORE

Orcas leap

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Celebrating the special ladies in our lives on March 22nd — wdc


March 22nd, the day when you can spoil and thank the special ladies in your life for all they do for us.

Every penny you spend when you shop with us goes to help whales & dolphins.


Dolphin mother & calf £15

Card with flower seeds £2.85

Tagua nut pendant £24.25

Avocado gift set £20

Bags & purses from £4.80

Love you Mum £6.90

Recycled wool blanket £18.99

Knitting items from £12.99

Recycled yarn scarf £14.50

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our charity number is 1014705.
Image credits: WDC

🐳 Your February whale and dolphin news 🐬 — wdc

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Help us protect porpoises by making a donation


A breaching porpoise

Hi  and welcome to your February whale and dolphin e-news. Have you ever seen a porpoise? I think I have but to be honest, I’ve never been 100% sure that I wasn’t actually looking at a diving bird in the distance!

The smallest in the whale and dolphin family, porpoises are often elusive. Their size and the fact that they barely break the surface when travelling makes them notoriously difficult to spot. My colleague, Charlie Phillips, was incredibly lucky to catch a rare glimpse of a breaching porpoise and capture the moment in the photo above.

But just because we don’t see them very often, we must not forget about them. They are intelligent and characterful individuals who face a whole host of human-made threats. Some populations and even entire species of porpoise are facing extinction because of entanglement in fishing gear.

We’re working hard to protect porpoises and give them a future. You can find out about the work you are supporting in some of the stories below. We’re collaborating with fishers and people trying to develop safer fishing methods and we’re working, through important international conventions, to get better laws put in place to keep porpoises safe.

We’re so grateful for your ongoing support . If you are able to help with an extra donation for porpoises today, we’d be extremely grateful.

Until next month, thank you on behalf of the porpoises and everyone at WDC.

Julia Pix, WDC.

A fisher with a pinger

Bananas and porpoises

No fisher wants to catch a porpoise, yet it happens all too often. Entanglement in fishing gear is the biggest threat facing dolphins, porpoises and whales on the planet today. So we work with people who are looking for innovative solutions, including this little device that looks like a banana.


Breaching porpoise

Porpoises and pigs

Harbour porpoises are shy individuals and notoriously difficult to spot. We’ve got some amazing video for you that takes you into their world. Follow the link below to our species guide to learn why they are called ‚puffing pigs‘ and enjoy this beautiful underwater footage of curious porpoises.


swimming dolphins

Conservation action 

WDC’s Nicola Hodgins, is representing dolphins, porpoises and whales at a meeting in India where 130 countries are making decisions on conservation. The actions taken could help save populations like the Iberian and Baltic porpoises from extinction!


A minke whale breaches

Hope for Iceland?

Whales swam safely in Icelandic waters last summer, making 2019 the first year with no whale hunts since 2002. Things are changing in this beautiful country and we’re increasingly hopeful for an eventual end to whaling and a new relationship with whales.


No standing on dolphins

SeaWorld will stop allowing trainers to surf on dolphins or balance on their noses. Of course, this is some kind of progress and we’re glad they are listening to us, but we really do wonder how anyone thought this was OK in the first place!


Be a Dolphin Defender!

Dolphin Defenders is our new challenge award for children who love whales and dolphins. It’s fun and easy to do, just complete three of our short challenges and let us know about them. We will send you an award certificate and a special dolphin badge.


We take your privacy and the protection of your personal data seriously. We recently made some changes to our privacy policy; this explains how we collect, store and manage your information.


🐳 Look what you did for whales and dolphins 🐬 — wdc

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Look what you’ve achieved !

Thank you for being with us in 2019. With your support we’ve done great things for whales and dolphins, so we made this short video for you to celebrate.

Because of you:

  1. Two captive belugas will soon be enjoying their new ocean sanctuary home.
  2. Massive names like Virgin Holidays, British Airways and TripAdvisor ended their support for SeaWorld and any attraction that holds whales and dolphins.
  3. California passed legislation to end the use of harmful fishing driftnets.

And more…

I hope the whales and dolphins in this video will brighten your day.

You should feel proud of what we’ve achieved – we are powerful when we stand together. Every penny you give, every petition you sign and every campaign you share makes a difference. Together, we will create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

On behalf of the whales and dolphins and everyone at WDC, thank you !

Julia Pix, WDC


Please make a donation to help us achieve even more in 2020